Why Us

We are a group of dedicated individuals that care about our environment and are strongly motivated to fulfill our movement of
Changing harmful plastic bags into starch bags” island-wide.


Our Starch Bags are able to biodegrade on land as well as in water in just a few months. This addresses the issue of wind-blown litters which end up in our drains, canals, reservoirs, beaches and even isolated areas which are inaccessible for cleaning. In addition, our Starch Bags are not hazardous to wildlife as they are consumable by animals.


People have been very dependent on the use of plastic carriers, regardless of the form, for groceries or those distributed at well furnished corporate events. Many of these bags are harmful to the environment. We aim to create awareness on the consequences of plastic pollution and promote conscious decision making for more environmentally friendly materials to start healing our Earth.

Green Boulevard Starch Bags serve as an educational tool where people get to learn more about the environment and pollution. Small but valuable information are printed on all of our Starch Bags and a QR code links the general public to our Education webpage.

Edible by Animals

Our Starch Bags are produced from raw materials that are extracted from tapioca roots. Produced from plant base materials, our Starch Bags have passed oral toxicity tests and proven to have no harm to animals when ingested.

Low Carbon Footprint

Our Starch Bags are made from tapioca starch a renewable natural resource. The cycle of Starch Bags start from the raw material, tapioca. Life of the tapioca absorbs carbon in the form of carbon dioxide. In contrast, during the production of conventional bags, carbon dioxide is released when petrochemical which are hydrocarbons are processed.

Good-value Pricing

We are able to provide a price that meets the demands of the competitive industry. We offer a price that gives great value in terms of product quality, design, and social responsibility.

Green Boulevard Starch Bags will be more helpful to the environment

than the following bags

Conventional Plastic Bags

Conventional plastics have been gaining attention for its negative effects on the environment. It is disastrous as these materials take 500 years or even up to 1000 years to degrade. Plastic pollution have been reported to affect 700 marine species and kill 100,000 animals each year. When degraded, they release toxic substances into the environment which also damages our ecosystem.

Other Biodegradable Bags

Not all biodegradable bags are able to biodegrade in natural environment especially in bodies of water. Most bags that claim to be biodegradable by the industry require industrial waste facilities to properly biodegrade – which is not practical in many cases. Users should be informed about the types of biodegradable bags that they are using.

Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are increasingly being produced and distributed at corporate events, exhibitions and roadshows. When people have accumulated too many reusable bags, they often end up in the trash as they have little practical usage. If these bags are not reused to fulfil its purpose, the sustainability of the product will not be realised as high amounts of energy is used to produce them. Therefore, rather than helping the environment, reusable bags can be more damaging.